Spread your creativity to the people by using the photo sharing method

If you have a professional photographer or an amateur, there is no restriction in the photo sharing. The photos that you are taking, sometimes we want to share with the different people in the different places. Your friends and the relatives are also gets those pictures and you can get the fame of the art that you have. There are so many sites exists which is allows us to share the photographs and the videos. Sometimes the sites are allows to share the photos from both the parties either they are professional or the amateur. Every time you do not have to delete the old one whenever you taken the new sets. Another benefit is provided for the sake of the customers is unlimited storage capacity and you can upload any number of photos. You can share and store all the photos at a time. Sometimes we are worried when all the people are gets freely access into your personal photo gallery. However, the best photo-sharing website is also imparts the privacy policy for sake of the public. Then you can create a restricted and an unrestricted site is form, where you can save some of the family photos are restricted and ensure that this is protecting with the password. Images that are stored in the website are categorize according with the types of the photos, as if you can use the photo-sharing website as both for the personal purpose as well as professional purpose. In where you can get the comments from the visitors and reply them.
In the website if you put a picture instead of text, the responses from the customers is high, as the pictures are creating the fast response than the text. People is reluctant to waste time to reading the full website by taking time, rather if they are assuming the website is interested then they are go through the total site. However, selecting all the photograph is not the solution of that. The picture itself should contain the best features, according to which we can get the standard picture that might well suited with the website. The picture must be photo illustrated, so the quality of the picture would increase and this can enhance the website more attractive. Picture is must be taken by the super quality lenses, as the finest structure can capture with the help of that lens. Standard quality photos are collecting from the best quality photographer. After getting the photographs, then this will sorted according to the nature of the photos. Then it will filter, the finest quality pictures are shortlisted for using in the website and rest of all are stored for the future uses. This all are maintaining the Standard Photo Collection for the website.
You could find the best photo-sharing website by you own research. The best photo-sharing website is one that gives you a plenty of opportunities to update the photos without any hesitations. You can also collects the photographs from the internet site to decorate another site after judging the Standard Photo Collection. The shortlisted photos are considering for further use.

Saharana Right is a professional photographer; he wants to share his rare picture to the public with the help of photo-sharing website to welcome the free comments from the viewer.

100 days in Flickr
photo sharing
Image by SantiMB.Photos
Well my friends. Today is my 100 day in Flickr. Also it coincides with my 3 months without smoke. 馃槈

In this brief time I have made many friends around the world, I have seen thousands of wonderful images (your photos) and I have learned much of photography. I want to thank for your support offering my first photo that I shared.

Photo statistics
路 Photos: 882
路 average upload rate per day: 8.82
路 Views: 8291
路 average views per photo: 8.29
路 first photo uploaded on 03.11.2006

Favorite statistics
路 1202 favorites
路 12.02 per day
路 1.36 ratio favs vs. photos

contacts statistics
路 213 contacts
路 2.13 contacts each day

Tag Statistics
路 1047 tags
路 biggest tag: catalunya (243)
路 smallest tag: agbar (6)

Set Statistics
路 45 sets
路 biggest set: Places (180 photos)
路 smallest set: Huesca (4 photos)
路 each set contains about 43.6 photos

Group statistics
路 member in 358 groups
路 admin in 2 groups

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