MobiPixie: Enabling Social Photo Sharing

Smartphones are rapidly replacing our favored digital cameras as our travel companions to capture our most memorable moments. For one, they are always with us, no matter where we go. And now that companies are making smartphones with more powerful cameras, it’s no wonder why the good old digital camera remains conveniently forgotten.

Share your memorable moments

Another reason why we love clicking pictures with our phone cameras is the ability to share the images instantly on to our social networks and let our friends know what we are up to almost in real time. And with more apps, clicking pictures on our smartphones is only getting more and more social an affair.

One such photo sharing app is MobiPixie, which lets its users not only share the pictures they click with their social networks or with the general public, but even go a step further and create e-cards using their own images to make them even more memorable.

The app lets users upload the images they click on their smartphones on to their gallery. They then have the option to make the image public so that it can be viewed by other users of this app, or private which prevents the image from being visible to others.

MobiPixie has a social network-like ecosystem, wherein users can add images to groups and share images among other members in the group. Groups are managed by administrator users who have created the group, and these creators can choose to delete groups or even upload images from within the group to various social networks.

Create greeting cards for your loved ones

But what really sets the app apart is that it lets users create greeting cards with the images they have clicked to send out to their friends and loved ones. Users can choose from sending out their creations as e-cards, print cards, double sided cards or even foldable greeting cards.

Of course the users will have to pay for sending out print cards, double sided cards or foldable greeting cards. The flash-based card designing tool offers ample effects to help customize the cards, including choosing the font and the color of the text, background and frame.

What’s new in MobiPixie?

Although MobiPixie has been around for a while, it recently got some new updates and now has more features. One of the best features added on is the functionality that lets users zoom in and out of the images on their screens. There are also new customization effects added to the card design tool, like some new frames.

While the app now allows users to do so much more with their images, we hope the overall interface of the app gets a makeover in the next update. As handy as app as it is, its UI’s colors could be better. Other than that, there isn’t anything to complain about!

Mobipixie, A Mobile media platform to Share Your Memories !

Photo sharing
photo sharing
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Old school – gathering together

New school – on a Macbook

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