Public Photo Sharing Stories Illuminate Humanity

There are a number of great websites where you can create and view free online photo sharing stories. There are some truly amazing photos and stories out there. They give a brief glimpse into a life that a person would otherwise never have been aware of. They offer a chance to reflect on one’s own life and the people in it. Sometimes a new perspective can make all the difference in conquering a person’s fears or overcoming their obstacles. There’s just so much in a photo and then when a story is added to it, the whole thing becomes even more compelling.

A lot of budding professional and amateur photographers are cutting their teeth by posting their photos and sharing their free online photo sharing stories for all to see–and comment on. This is a great way to hone their skills as they discover what makes a photo capture the audience’s attention and what techniques actually distract from the story they were trying to tell. Nothing teaches a person more quickly than the uncensored honesty you get on the internet! The aspiring photographer can then make the proper adjustments to his next project, post the new photo and story and see if the changes affect the way people view his pictures and/or story.

Families enjoy sharing their photos and stories online, too. Sometimes they post these in public free online photo sharing stories as well. Other times they prefer an account that allows them to control who has access to their free online photo sharing stories. Either way, they enjoy sharing the magic and wonder of a child’s first step, kindergarten graduation or winning touchdown with a photo sharing story. These online stories are a great way to preserve the families cherished memories without the worry of pictures being destroyed by fire, flood or any other natural or man-made disaster.

They say a “picture is worth a thousand words” and when you add a story and post it online it is absolutely priceless. Telling the story brings even more life into the picture. The story can tell what happened right before or after the picture was taken. It could also explain the “why” behind the picture. Why is the boy sitting there with a bowl of spaghetti on his head? Did the photographer just step in to capture the action or was the scene staged? Did he put the spaghetti on his head or was it his sister whose face we see laughing in the background? The story is the difference between a picture being given a quick glance and an “aw” and really having an impact on the viewer.

There are so many possibilities with free online photo sharing stories. They are enjoyable to view and enjoyable to create. From preserving and sharing family memories to educating and inspiring others, online photo sharing stories provide endless creative opportunities. They also provide a great creative outlet in which to express oneself and share interesting ideas with others. The possibilities are endless to say the least.

MJ Johnston writes for a variety of websites, including Hoorray, a photo sharing site that offers the quickest and easiest way to build a free online photo album, as well as free online photo storage.

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