The Best Way to Share Travel Photos

You don’t have to be very old to remember the days when sharing photographs meant placing them in albums and bringing them from place to place. Back before the Internet, you could either share them that way or regale friends and family with long photo slide productions at various gatherings – in many cases, boring everyone to tears. Thanks to the Internet and digital photography, though, things are a whole lot different now. Sharing your travel photos is far less invasive – and far more enjoyable – than it’s ever been. By learning a few tricks of the travel photo sharing trade, you can make showing off your photographs a fun experience for everyone.

Invest In A Good Digital Camera And Memory Card

If you haven’t already joined the digital photography revolution, now’s the time. After all, you won’t be able to share your travel photos online very easily without a digital camera. Scanning old fashioned photos into the computer is time consuming and boring – and the pictures never turn out very well. Digital cameras are very affordable these days; you can easily find a decent model for $ 100 to $ 200. Look for a reputable brand, and for a camera that can withstand a bit of abuse.

Most digital cameras come with very small memory cards; you’ll want to pay a little extra and invest in a larger-capacity card right away. It will cost you a bit more, but by purchasing an 8GB memory card you’ll be able to store more than 1,000 high-quality photographs at a time. This comes quite in handy when you’re traveling, since you won’t have a lot of extra time to constantly download your pictures from your card. Instead, you can go through your photos and upload them all in one fell swoop – it couldn’t be easier!

Sign Up With A Photo Sharing Website

Although you’ll want to keep copies of your travel photos on your computer’s hard drive – or perhaps on another kind of drive – the quickest, easiest way to share them is by signing up with a photo sharing website. Some email providers, like Google, offer a limited amount of photo storage space; you can then email copies of your photos whenever you’d like. Otherwise, websites like Flickr are great options. Their free photo uploading service is fine, but for just $ 25 a year you gain access to unlimited uploads and other great perks.

Once you’ve signed up with a photo sharing site, make it a habit to upload your photos to it on a regular basis. In many cases, you can send your photos directly from your camera’s memory card to the photo sharing site, skipping the step of copying them to your computer’s hard drive. Once uploaded, be conscientious about tagging your photos – i.e., the people and/or landmarks in them – and adding descriptions wherever possible. Most photo sharing sites automatically detect the time and date that a photo was taking, making it easy to keep things organized in a chronological manner.

Send Links To Your Friends And Family

As soon as you have your latest batch of travel photos uploaded to your photo sharing account, with proper descriptions and tags, you’ll be able to send a link to all of the friends and family members you want to share them with. This is vastly preferable than emailing huge attachments to people, which can take a long time and waste a lot of hard disk space. By sending them a link, you invite people to take a look at your travel photos at their own convenience; they can flip through the ones that interest them, and never have to leave their home!

Social Networking Sites Make Sharing Easy

One final note: you can also easily share your travel photos on many popular social networking sites. By joining a site like Facebook, you can quickly upload the photographs you want to share with the people on your friends list so they can enjoy them. Otherwise, you can send out a link to your photo sharing website to everyone on your friend’s list, making them aware of your latest batch of travel photos so they can check them out.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For more information on travel photo sharing, he recommends Gawwk.com.

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