The Best Way to Share Travel Photos

You don’t have to be very old to remember the days when sharing photographs meant placing them in albums and bringing them from place to place. Back before the Internet, you could either share them that way or regale friends and family with long photo slide productions at various gatherings – in many cases, boring everyone to tears. Thanks to the Internet and digital photography, though, things are a whole lot different now. Sharing your travel photos is far less invasive – and far more enjoyable – than it’s ever been. By learning a few tricks of the travel photo sharing trade, you can make showing off your photographs a fun experience for everyone.

Invest In A Good Digital Camera And Memory Card

If you haven’t already joined the digital photography revolution, now’s the time. After all, you won’t be able to share your travel photos online very easily without a digital camera. Scanning old fashioned photos into the computer is time consuming and boring – and the pictures never turn out very well. Digital cameras are very affordable these days; you can easily find a decent model for $ 100 to $ 200. Look for a reputable brand, and for a camera that can withstand a bit of abuse.

Most digital cameras come with very small memory cards; you’ll want to pay a little extra and invest in a larger-capacity card right away. It will cost you a bit more, but by purchasing an 8GB memory card you’ll be able to store more than 1,000 high-quality photographs at a time. This comes quite in handy when you’re traveling, since you won’t have a lot of extra time to constantly download your pictures from your card. Instead, you can go through your photos and upload them all in one fell swoop – it couldn’t be easier!

Sign Up With A Photo Sharing Website

Although you’ll want to keep copies of your travel photos on your computer’s hard drive – or perhaps on another kind of drive – the quickest, easiest way to share them is by signing up with a photo sharing website. Some email providers, like Google, offer a limited amount of photo storage space; you can then email copies of your photos whenever you’d like. Otherwise, websites like Flickr are great options. Their free photo uploading service is fine, but for just $ 25 a year you gain access to unlimited uploads and other great perks.

Once you’ve signed up with a photo sharing site, make it a habit to upload your photos to it on a regular basis. In many cases, you can send your photos directly from your camera’s memory card to the photo sharing site, skipping the step of copying them to your computer’s hard drive. Once uploaded, be conscientious about tagging your photos – i.e., the people and/or landmarks in them – and adding descriptions wherever possible. Most photo sharing sites automatically detect the time and date that a photo was taking, making it easy to keep things organized in a chronological manner.

Send Links To Your Friends And Family

As soon as you have your latest batch of travel photos uploaded to your photo sharing account, with proper descriptions and tags, you’ll be able to send a link to all of the friends and family members you want to share them with. This is vastly preferable than emailing huge attachments to people, which can take a long time and waste a lot of hard disk space. By sending them a link, you invite people to take a look at your travel photos at their own convenience; they can flip through the ones that interest them, and never have to leave their home!

Social Networking Sites Make Sharing Easy

One final note: you can also easily share your travel photos on many popular social networking sites. By joining a site like Facebook, you can quickly upload the photographs you want to share with the people on your friends list so they can enjoy them. Otherwise, you can send out a link to your photo sharing website to everyone on your friend’s list, making them aware of your latest batch of travel photos so they can check them out.

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I wish there was an option to upload to flickr, too

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Easy Photo Printing Helps You Share Family History

There are many ways to share family history. Some like to collect letters, or speak with older relatives and write down what they say. Others like to use audio recordings to create a bank of narratives of family stories. Still others simply like to collect photos and carefully place them in photo albums, with a short note or entry included.

All of these methods alone are great – they are attempts to preserve the past. But all of these methods alone still fall short of truly capturing a family’s history.

The best of all three worlds would be to have a written document, with audio recordings available, and photos included for easy browsing. Now, some might say that video accomplishes this task. However, who has time to sit through a video? Who really wants to? Videos are something like slideshows of the past. In a bygone era, people used to take photo slides of their vacations. Then, they’d invite friends and neighbors over to view their hours long presentation. Virtually no one enjoyed those sessions.

Video is much the same way. Even sites like YouTube feature videos that are extremely short – at the most three to five minutes. After that, you lose everyone’s interest.

So, if you can’t really show a video that’s much longer than five minutes and expect everyone to pay attention, how are you going to record the entire history of a family on video?

That’s why easy photo printing sites are so important when it comes to preserving memories. However, most of those only allow you to upload photos and write some text about the photos.

You can create a lovely story book or photo album complete with pictures and written words. You can have these printed, and delivered to family members who can review them in their free time, at a pace they are comfortable with. When you visit their homes, you can sit with them and – perhaps over a cup of coffee – you can look at your family’s history and reminisce to your hearts’ content.

That’s great … but you’re still only two-thirds of the way there. You still have to capture the audio.

There are very few sites that allow you to add audio to your photos. Search “easy photo sharing” or “easy photo printing” to find some.

Now, some people may not want to create audio stories. It can be difficult to get the recordings you need. However, saving some voices is better than saving none. Imagine hearing the voice of your grandfather again, telling one of your favorite stories that you remember from childhood, or perhaps giving you words of wisdom that may have been lost to memory.

Whether you decide to include audio in your family history or not, at least you know the resource is available. The most important thing is that you preserve family memories that are precious to you, and will be even more precious to your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Matt Smolsky develops marketing programs and has written articles for a variety of clients, including Hoorray, a new website for easy photo sharing and easy photo printing.

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Share Photos Online – How to Choose a Site For Photo Sharing

Millions of people share photos online since it has become so easy. On most sites, you can just click on the “Share” button, enter one or multiple email addresses, and click send. What could be easier?

It gets a bit confusing, however, deciding which site to use. Sure, you can use any of them and most of the photo sharing sites will work fine. However, why not take advantage of some of the other features that are offered? Different sites offer different options, so you can explore and then decide which features are most important to you.

Here are some things to consider:

Photo Galleries and Display

How will your photos be displayed? Do you have a choice? Are there ads on the site?

There are many different types of galleries, some more sophisticated than others. A common display method is to show thumbnails of an album. You can then click on a thumbnail to get a larger view. Other types of displays might be slideshows, collages or stacking. With stacking, clicking on the top photo brings you to the next one. Fotki offers this option, among other choices.

Free and Premium Accounts

Most photo sharing sites offer both free and premium accounts. Premium accounts have a fee associated with them, but they offer more features. So take a look to see if the free account is adequate for you or if perhaps some of the upgrades are important.

Photo Printing

If one of your main objects is to send your digital photos out to be printed, check around because pricing can vary. In addition, different types of papers are used and delivery or pick up times are different.

Printing quality should be checked out also. Some sites will give you free photos on your first order, and this is a great way to try a site out.

Privacy Options

Do you want only certain people to view your photos, or would you like them available to everyone? Sites may or may not offer privacy options, but most do. Sometimes when photos are public, they will also appear in such places as Google Images. This may or may not be something that you want to occur.


Although there are many backup methods, you can use photo sharing sites as a backup system. Look for one that keeps your original file size. Some that do, charge for an Archive CD if you never need to get those photos back.


Forums, contests, and blogs can all be part of a site. If you are interested in “socializing”, look for these features.

Photo Removal

Make sure the site does not remove your photos after a certain period of time. For example, Kodak Gallery has the right to do this if you do not purchase an item (even one 4 x 6 print) within 12 months.

Take a look at a few photo sharing sites to see which one you like. You can try most of them out for free.

Some sites you might consider are SmugMug, Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, Picasa Web Albums, and Fotki.

Susan Schlenger is a professional landscape designer and has been working with digital photography online for 10 years. You can visit her website Digital Photos Online to read more about working with photos online. To learn more about photo sharing, visit her page, Share Photos Online.

Colourful dews reflecting sunlight with caustic
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Download wallpaper size photos =

This is an old photo of mine. I belek2 my archive last night and i found it interesting though. So i wanna share it with all of you here. The dews are laying on a caladium leaf. Shot this of course in the early morning after the sunshine.

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