What Happens In Vegas … Should Be Shared With Your Friends

There’s a saying that really doesn’t apply to most of us. It goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Of course, we all get a big laugh out of that if something slightly unusual happens while we’re on vacation. But let’s face it, the majority of us aren’t so daring as to do something so embarrassing that we wouldn’t share it with family and friends. (Well, at least most of the things we do, we’d be willing to share!)

That said, I’m betting that you may have a few photos from your last vacation that you haven’t shared yet. Maybe they’re still on your camera, and you’re just waiting for the memory to fill up (or, for the most part, you’ve forgotten they’re there).

Keep your photos moving!

Or perhaps you’ve been diligent and moved your photos over to your computer’s hard drive. Congratulations! That’s a big step. But as you know, hard drive memory is limited, and your photos are at risk of a computer crash that could easily obliterate everything.

If you’re really on the ball and have moved your photos onto an easy photo sharing site on the Internet, you can feel safe knowing your photos are secure. However, unless you’re paying an annual or monthly fee for your photo sharing, did you know that many sites will delete your pictures after years of inactivity? It’s true, and while that may not be a problem right this moment, we all know how time slips away. If you don’t keep your account active, you may lose all your photos even though they’re online.

So regardless of where your photos are located right now, why don’t you take a moment to take a look at them. Review them on the back of your camera, if that’s where they’re at. Delete the ones you don’t want to keep. Then take a moment while you’re reading this article to move them over to your computer.

Then, once your photos are on your computer, take just a moment more to upload them to an easy photo sharing website. Just search “easy photo sharing” and see what comes up. If you’re already a member of one of these services – great.

Once your photos are loaded to an easy photo sharing site, get ready to have some fun. Of course, you can share them digitally, via email or by invitations to visit your photo sharing site.

Now get ready to really share some warm memories!

Or, you could try this. Pick a few of the people you went on vacation with, and use your easy photo sharing site to send them a special photo print. The best sites will allow you to easily select photos, and then have them delivered directly to your friend. What a surprise it will be getting a vacation photo from last year in their mailbox! What a warm reminder of your friendship or family ties since so many people opt for just emailing photos these days.

The best photo sharing sites will also allow you to create photo albums, story books, calendars (you can start and start the calendar in any month you want), greeting cards and more. All of these gifts would be a wonderful way to relive the great memories you have from your last vacation.

Matt Smolsky develops marketing programs and has written articles for a variety of clients, including Hoorray, a new website for easy photo sharing and easy photo printing.

Listen to the missus
photo sharing
Image by Lenny K Photography
There’s a story behind this one. I spent about 1 hr trying to get that perfect photo of these 3 buildings (the 2 temples plus the spinning wheel in the background). I took about 20 photos from another perspective wasting about 30 seconds for each photo (15 seconds for the exposure + 15 seconds for the in camera noise reduction). I just wasn’t happy with the photos I had from that perspective. Disgruntled I sat down and thought what am I doing wrong. Whilst sitting down, it was not until the missus pointed out to me "why don’t you just take a photo from here?". I listened to her thinking nothing of it and it turned out to be gold :).

So the lesson I’ve learnt from this one is to consider another perspective, consider the opinion of another even if you don’t agree with it. And the advice may lead to you creating something magical.

Photo was processed using basic Lightroom controls and cleaned up in Photoshop. In general, warmth was added via an adjustment to the white balance, the vertical perspective was tweaked and the image was slightly sharpened. Intentionally left the distortion in there

Photo shared for your use / remixing as per its CC licence.
Till next time!


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Why you should start using photo sharing hosting.

The digital camera not only changed how the photos are being taken but also on how they are being stored. Now many people no longer use the sharing photos on standard photos album or the projector but also the photos can be shared online. You can find many ways of sharing the photos online but the most convenient and fastest way that you can find is to use photo sharing hosting.
The sites offers unlimited backup and unlimited storage. Many people who use the photo sharing service have the chance to unlimited storage since the photos are kept on the clouds and off site central servers. The files are secure and you can use them as backup. When you accidentally delete the photos in the computer or when the hard disk crashes, you will still have the photos available to your website.
With the websites, you have the chance of the online sharing websites and you can edit your pictures over the internet. Some websites had integrated the editing tool in their websites so the user can easily edit his photos. He can resize, apply the effects, crop and share the photos with the family and friends.
With the sites you can easily keep all your photos organized. The online hosts help you to keep the photos in a more organized method. You may create the albums which are based on the subject matter, events and time and you may share them on a certain album with other people. What you need to do is to send the people you want a link where to get these pictures.
This website offers security and privacy. The photos become more secure if they are stored online. You can have the total control over the photos and you can make the album private and public and people you only want can share the photos. You are even able to hide your photos and album away of the people whom you do not want them to see the picture. Some photos and album can be protected by the use of the password.
Some sites support the RSS feeds. When the user subscribe to the online photo sharing services, he will get access to the RSS feeds. Whenever the user adds a photo, the family or friends can subscribe to the RSS feeds and they can be notified about the updates at once.
When you search online, you will find a number of many sites with different services which you may choose from. If you are looking for any help, you can see if the site offers the customer support to get you started. The image hosting makes it easy to share the photos on the social medias.

Find more information relating to image hosting, and free photo sharing sites here.

Happy 2015!
photo sharing
Image by BohemianDolls
Here’s to the new year – may it be a good one! I’m hoping to spend more time on photography (and art in general) this year. I’m still using ipernity as my main photo sharing site (I’m Bohemian over there – come visit!), because it’s easier on my tidy, text-based mind. But I will make sure to check in here occasionally as well!

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