How To Take Adorable Photos Of Your Pet

How to take adorable photos of your pet

They’re cute, cuddly and they really do become cherished members of the family. But if you want photos of your pet that you can use for photo sharing, it will help to learn a few inside secrets.

While great pet photography is an art like anything else, if you master these tips you can create photos you can use for easy photo printing as well, and that your whole family will talk about for years to come.

Tip #1: You can’t get a ‘staged’ photo

The first thing to remember is that Fido, Fluffy or Tweetie may not pose exactly like you want – unless you simply want them to sit and look at the camera. While posed shots have their place as records of important moments or events, it’ll take a little more work to take of your pet you’ll truly cherish – photos you’ll be proud to use in photo sharing and easy photo printing. But the effort you put in will be well worth it.

Tip #2: Get down to their level

In one respect, pets are like kids. They’re all over the place, they fidget and rarely, if ever, keep still. So it helps to get down to their level. No, that doesn’t mean making funny faces or acting a bit foolish. What is does mean is getting down on the floor in order to take the best photograph. Basically, you wan to be eye-to-eye with your pet — whether he’s relaxing on the sofa or on top of the picnic table.

When you do you’ll have be able to photo memories you can use for photo sharing – wonderful photos of your pet in some of their most natural poses!

Tip #3: ‘Go below’

If it’s at all possible, try to take pictures of your pet from a perspective that’s below them – get underneath their normal line of sight. This will make for an unusual and intriguing shot and create photos no one will ever forget – photos that people will want to reprint using easy photo printing! You’ll also have fun for many years as you use the Internet for photo sharing.

Tip #4: Be quiet!

You never want to startle or alarm your pet. So try not to make any sudden movements or loud noises that might frighten your best friend. This is especially important when you’re sneaking up on him while he’s playing with a ball or rolling around on the floor.

Tip #5: Bring out the performer in him!

This is very different than actually trying to get your pet to pose. The fact is, many cats or dogs will actually perform tricks for certain family members they are comfortable with. And they’ll do it on command. If you can capture one of these moments, you’ll have some great photos that will be special and quite hilarious – and perfect for photo sharing!

Tip #6: Keep your pet’s personality in mind

If you’re struggling for some good ideas, why not concentrate on your pet’s personality or his features? What makes him special or endearing? He may love to sleep on his back in a funny way? Or he may love jump real high when waiting for a treat. Or he may have unique eyes or an unusual color.

The point is, you know your pet’s best attributes. Capture them with your camera and you’ll be using photo sharing and easy photo printing to share memories of your pets for years to come.

Tip #7: Put yourself (or a child) into the photograph

In the great scheme of things, people and pets go hand in hand, especially children. Who can resist a little kid and a pet?

While solitary shots are perfectly good, you can add real excitement and drama by creating contrasts and contradictions. Small children and big animals or big men with a small dog or cat will make everyone smile!

Tip #8: Avoid flash photography

Again, this is an easy one. It should be obvious that any type of flash may really frighten or alarm your pet. So it’s always best to shoot when the natural light is good. Besides, animals are prone to red eye and eliminating the flash and using natural light is a great way to end the red eye effect!

Tip #9: Be prepared!

Let’s face it – getting the perfect shot of your family pet involves luck, being in the right place at the right time. So be prepared at all times. You never know when that precious moment will occur. Catch them while they’re sleeping or munching on a snack.

Oh, and don’t try for the perfect shot. Just have fun. That’s one of the biggest secrets to being able to enjoy photo sharing and easy photo printing!

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Iceland Landscape
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Image by Lenny K Photography
A nifty remix of the original @ by mtch31.

Changed up the lighting in this photo, added a blue colour cast to the sky / water areas, a slight Orton Effect to the greenery and played around with the depth using some dodge / burn techniques. Also did some white noise removal + targeted sharpening in parts of the photo.

Thanks for sharing this one under the CC licence mtch31! Fantastic photo + composition.

This remixed version is free to download and use as you see fit as per its CC licence.

Used my free actions toolkit downloadble from + Photoshop Elements 14 to edit this one!

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